Vy Ai Vo, Ph.D.
AI/ML Research Scientist

About Me

I am a research scientist in the Brain-Inspired Computing Lab, which is part of Intelligent Systems Research at Intel Labs.

My current focus is on language models and models of memory in machine learning. You can find links to my publications on the CV page.

My PhD is in cognitive computational neuroscience, particularly studying attention and memory.

Publication Updates
  • 09/2023: NeurIPS, accepted. Paper with UT Austin and Emergent AI at Intel Labs on multimodal representation transfer with fMRI encoding model.
  • 08/2023: arXiv, preprinted. Collaboration with Technion, Ben Gurion, and Parallel Computing at Intel Labs on redesigning tokenizers and pre-training code LMs for use in high-performance computing and compilers.
  • 08/2023: bioRxiv, preprinted, submitted. Co-first author work on a DNN-based encoding model to account for temporal context effects in neuroscience.
Conference Updates
  • 08/2023 KDD (Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining): Served as an invited discussion panelist at LLM Day [website]
  • 12/2022 NeurIPS: Organized in-person/hybrid Memory in Artificial and Real Intelligence (MemARI) workshop [website]